​Grain Marketing Operations and Diversification Project

Grain Producers SA is running the Grain Marketing Operations and Diversification Project in partnership with Grain Trade Australia.

The project, proudly supported by the South Australian Government thanks to a $75,000 grant from the Regional Growth Fund, aims to help growers better understand grain markets to support diversification.

This project captures a key priority of the SA Grain Industry Blueprint, launched in August 2020, which is to increase business resilience and sustainability in the grain production sector.

Beyond the Silo podcasts

GPSA has launched a new campaign as part of the Grain Marketing Operations and Diversification Project.

Beyond the Silo: Grain marketing tips for growers kicked off in October 2020 with the launch of a podcast series with the overarching aim of boosting the knowledge of growers in an important area of their business which is often misunderstood – grain marketing.

Over nine episodes, host Drew Radford and independent consultant Jonathan Wilson unpack a variety of topics including pricing, futures, foreign exchange, basis, when to sell, contracts and what to do when a contract goes pear-shaped.

Jonathan has more than 20 years’ experience in the grain industry including in senior roles in grain marketing and trading.  He has since been appointed as the inaugural CEO of Grain Australia.

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Producer Guide

GPSA is proud to present the A guide to selling grain using grain contracts booklet, adapted specifically for South Australian growers in partnership with Grain Trade Australia.

This booklet helps to break down some of the complexities in contracting and selling grain so growers can upskill in this important area of their business and sell with confidence.

The information presented in this booklet, combined with the information in the Beyond the Silo podcast and that presented at GPSA’s Trade and Market Access Workshops in February 2021, will arm growers with more knowledge when they market their grain in the future.

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GPSA and GTA delivered regional workshops in early 2021 to help provide South Australian grain producers with an enhanced understanding of the international grain markets and emerging opportunities in global trade.

These interactive workshops covered an array of topics related to grain marketing with a particular focus on developing an understanding among producers of consumer needs and wants in driving market demand offshore.  

Delivered by Thomas Elder Markets' Andrew Whitelaw, the workshops engaged growers and provided education about options to mitigate and manage risk related to the marketing of their product.

The workshops also covered key trade rules governing grain contracts and provided an overview of the Australian Grain Industry Code of Conduct relevant to growers.