One of the key ways GPSA seeks feedback is through surveys. GPSA runs two standard surveys every year – the mid-year Grower Priorities Survey and the Harvest Review Survey. In addition, GPSA promotes surveys from Primary Producers SA and on other important issues.

Agricultural Vehicle Safety National Survey

GPSA has been investigating agricultural vehicles' interaction with other public road users. The National Farmers Federation and James Cook University have now launched an online survey aimed at growers to find out about near misses and accidents witnessed while driving agricultural vehicles. Results from this survey will be used by GPSA to ask for better permit systems and a comprehensive agricultural notice for access on public roads. 

Complete the survey online or contact Shane Gale at the GPSA office on 1300 734 884 for more information.


Eyre Peninsula rail network and transport survey

Grain Producers SA is seeking feedback from grain growers on the Eyre Peninsula regarding rail and road transport of grain.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and Genesee & Wyoming Australia (GWA) have partnered to prepare a business case to consider the Eyre Peninsula (EP) railway network.

DPTI is also developing an EP Transport Study in parallel to look at broader issues. SMEC Australia Pty Ltd has been engaged to undertake the EP Transport Study and Infrastructure Australia has been engaged to prepare the business case, with both pieces of work expected to be completed by the end of March 2018.

The work will be governed by a Steering Committee to provide guidance and direct the Project Team during preparation of the EP Transport Study and Rail Business Case as well as oversight of stakeholder management. 

To deliver the Eyre Peninsula transport study and rail network business case the Project Team may engage with key stakeholders from various sectors and industry groups. GPSA is a member of the Key Stakeholder Reference Group.

The Project Team will require input from the key stakeholders to:

Act as a point of contact for the project team in relation to specific questions or requests for further information or advice;
By manner of their membership, assist the project team to promote and support the project as necessary.

If you are a GPSA member and an Eyre Peninsula grain producer, please consider assisting GPSA to formulate and develop responses by completing a survey.

Complete the survey or call the office to be sent a copy.