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Grain Producers SA represents the interests of growers by making submissions on issues that will affect the future of the grain industry.

Public Consultation on GM Independent Report

8 March 2019

Grain Producers SA responded to the findings handed down as part of the Independent Review of South Australia’s moratorium on the cultivation of Genetically Modified (GM) food crops.

The Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development sought feedback from industry, farmers, and community stakeholders following the public release of the Review on 20 February 2019.

Download GPSA's response.

Position paper - proposed amendments to the Statutes Amendment (Mineral Resources) Bill 2018

28 February 2019

GPSA has prepared a detailed mining policy document that sets out GPSA’s required legislative amendments to the Mining Act 1971 and the Statutes Amendment (Mineral Resources) Bill 2018. This document is not exhaustive, and only addresses GPSA's concerns with the current Bill and Act.

On behalf of South Australian growers, GPSA will continue to advocate for the need to balance agriculture with competing land uses such as mining, to protect the sustainability of agricultural production for future generations.

Read the mining policy document here. 

CFS Powers (Fire and Emergency Services (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill)

5 February 2019

Grain Producers SA responded to the South Australian Parliament's Select Committee on the Fire and Emergency Services (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill.

GPSA was represented at a hearing of the committee on Febuary 4, 2019 by Vice-Chairman Adrian McCabe, CEO Caroline Rhodes, board director Peter Cousins, and GPSA staff member Leighton McDonald-Stuart.

The Committee's hearings are ongoing. 

Download the GPSA Submission

Moratorium on the Cultivation of Genetically Modified Crops in South Australia

12 December 2018

Grain Producers SA responded to the South Australian Parliament's Select Committee on the Moratorium on the Cultivation of Genetically Modified Crops in South Australia

GPSA was represented at a hearing of the committee by Chairman Wade Dabinett, CEO Caroline Rhodes, board director Dion Woolford, Mecardo Analyst Andrew Whitelaw, and PPSA Chairman Rob Kerin.

The Committee is yet to publish findings as hearings are ongoing.

Download the GPSA Submission

Download the hearing Hansard

You can also download GPSA's submission to the Independent Review

Draft Land Access Regulations

19 November 2018

Grain Producers SA responded to the proposed draft land access regulations arising from the Statutes Amendment (Mineral Resources) Amendment Bill 2018.

GPSA understands that these are the first ‘module’ of the consolidated regulations to be drafted.

Download the GPSA Submission

Issues Faced by Primary Producers Inquiry

11 December 2017

Grain Producers SA responded to the Economic and Finance Committee of the South Australian Parliament Inquiry into Issues Faced by Primary Producers.

GPSA was represented at a hearing of the committee by CEO Darren Arney, board directors Garry Hansen and Wade Dabinett, industry representatives Chris Heinjus and Mark Modra; and GPSA policy officer Shane Gale, all of whom raised several supply chain issues on behalf of grain producers, including:

  • Storage and handling and port provider that also has significant dominance in the marketing and exporting of SA grain.
  • The South Australian ports access regime.
  • Primary Industry Funding Schemes (Eyre Peninsula Grain Growers Rail Fund) Regulations 2017
  • Protected industrial action undertaken by the Maritime Union at the Flinders Adelaide container terminal.

Based on evidence received during the Inquiry, the committee concluded that some South Australian primary producers face issues that affect their ability to supply competitively in their respective supply chains. The full recommendations are explained in this update from GPSA. Visit the Economic and Finance Comittee website to read other submissions, including from Primary Producers SA.

Download the GPSA Submission

Download the Inquiry's final report

Download EFC Hearing Hansard

Semaphore Container Services exemption application

11 July 2017

GPSA supported an exemption for Semaphore Container Services to have access to Inner Harbour, citing the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's draft view that it would not be detrimental to competition in markets.

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Inquiry into South Australian bulk grain supply chain costs

30 May 2017

Submissions to the Essential Services Commission of SA review of bulk grain supply chain costs closed on Friday, 12 May 2017. Its purpose is to determine the "reasonableness of the costs underpinning the South Australian bulk grain supply chain", including the costs over the past 10 years and providing options to address any inefficiencies identified.

Download the GPSA submission

Find out more about the inquiry at the ESCOSA website

Leading Practice Mining Acts Review

13 April 2017

GPSA responded to the review of SA's mining laws, conducted by the Department of State Development. The submission focuses on measures that will increase the rights of grain producers as landowners and protect valuable grain growing land with its long-term benefits for future generations.

Read a three-page summary of the submission

Download the full submission

Proposed National Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle and Combination Notice

10 April 2017

A National Heavy Vehicle Regulator project team has been investigating creation of a National Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle and Combination Notice. GPSA provided a submission outlining examples of dimensions of agricultural vehicles sold in SA.

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Permit application for use of glyphosate on feed barley

27 October 2016

GPSA supported the national permit application by Grain Producers Australia to allow the use of glyphosate on barley (except malting barley) as a harvest aid and for weed control.

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ASIC Consultation Paper 266

12 September 2016

GPSA provided input on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's call for comment on 'Remaking ASIC class orders on managed investment schemes: not for money' (Consultation Paper 266). The order was due to expire on 1 April 2017.

Read the GPSA submission

Read the Grain Producers Australia submission

Read the ASIC response to submissions - December 2016

ACCC draft determination on Patrick Stevedoring

29 March 2016

GPSA supported the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's draft determination that Patrick Stevedoring be an exempt service provider at Port Adelaide under the Port Terminal Access Code.

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Proposed increases to NRM levies

16 February 2016

GPSA supported a call by Primary Producers SA to freeze natural resource management levies and to conduct an independent review of water management costs.

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Central Eyre Iron Project: Mining Proposal and EIS

2 February 2016

GPSA’s submission focused on the need to protect the 4.2 million hectares of land used for grain production – 4.2% of the total land area of SA – and emphasised GPSA’s belief that mining and agriculture cannot co-exist.

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EP Mobile Blackspot Programme

14 January 2016

GPSA offered its full support to a submission by Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula nominating mobile phone black spots in the region.

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NFF proposed National Land Use policy

22 December 2015

GPSA wrote to the National Farmers Federation to commend it on its proposal to develop a National Land Use Policy to protect the farmland from mining, which supports GPSA’s policy of no mining on agricultural land.

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Draft Multiple Land Use Framework

15 December 2015

GPSA made a submission to the SA Department of State Development regarding its draft South Australian Multiple Land Use Framework policy document, outlining the importance of agriculture to the state and that it is one of the few industries with an interest, enviable reputation and history of sustainable and productive land use.

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Iron Road costs of consultation

2 December 2015

GPSA requested proponents of the Iron Road development provide additional hard copy information to affected producers and their lawyers, given they did not ask for the mine or the inconvenience of having to protect their land

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Feedback on Brokenshire Bills

2 December 2015

GPSA provided feedback to the Hon Robert Brokenshire MLC regarding his Resource Operations Ombudsman Bill 2015 and Right to Farm Bill 2015. It supported these in principle with some additions and amendments.

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