One of the key ways which Grain Producers SA works for growers is by developing projects in areas which are critical to their productivity and profitability. These projects are funded by levies and are influenced by feedback from growers as issues emerge and their businesses change over time.

GPSA has two project documents:

  • A longer term business plan which outlines priority issues for the organisation and details how and when they will be targeted in projects out to 2020.
  • An annual operating plan which targets specific projects for the financial year as well as allows capacity in its budget to tackle short-term, priority issues which may emerge as the season progresses.

Business Plan

Projects in the five-year plan business plan cover the following categories.

  • Grain quality and markets
  • Transport, delivery and freight
  • Industry competition and marketing
  • Grower communication and advocacy
  • Grains research and technical advice
  • Promotion of agriculture
  • Climate, carbon and natural resource management
  • Farm safety and machinery

Annual Operating Plan

The GPSA Annual Operating Plan outlines the annual budget, resources and research priorities that help achieve elements outlined in the GPSA Business Plan. It also provides the opportunity for GPSA to respond to external drivers and changing priorities during the season.

Read the 2017-18 Annual Operating Plan