Increasing government property taxes

Oct 28, 2016

The issue

Producers have recently faced exorbitant increases in the Emergency Services Levy and Natural Resources Management levy. These levies are land taxes because the amount producers pay is tied to land values.

GPSA’s position

Grain Producers SA has called for the State Government to wind-back the Emergency Services Levy for primary producers, saying it is an unfair tax that charges landowners for their work in protecting South Australian residents, homes and environmental assets from fire.

GPSA believes recent levy increases are not fair and do not recognise the significant time and resources farmers contribute to emergency services work. They take days off work, hop on a truck or use their own equipment, put themselves and their income-generating capacity at risk for the good of their community and the State Government is charging them to do that.

GPSA believes the way the tax is calculated is unfair as well in that it is charged to an entire farm, not only the house or sheds as would happen in a town.

The outrage over ESL increases has seen some farmers go to extraordinary lengths as volunteers to get their point across, such as Eyre Peninsula farmers protesting by vowing to not fight fires on government property and only paying a percentage of the levy.

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