Grain Producers SA develops policy on issues affecting grain growers. GPSA works to communicate this to all levels of government – local, state and federal – and is in regular contact with marketers, exporters, storage and handlers, researchers and farm input suppliers on behalf of growers.

Growers are encouraged to have input on the organisation’s policies by contacting a board member or attending any of the forums which GPSA hosts and putting forward their view. GPSA staff attend a host of industry meetings throughout the year too and are available to discuss issues with growers by contacting the office on 1300 734 884 (for the cost of a local call).

GPSA holds pre and post-harvest forums which growers are invited to attend. These are widely advertised in GPSA newsletters and on the events section of the website.


GPSA has a number of sub-committees whose purpose is to focus on priority policy areas. Each sub-committee is led by a GPSA director and includes growers and industry stakeholders who work together on issues and, at times, provide recommendations to the GPSA Board.

Research Development & Extension Committee (RD&E)

Chair: Peter Cousins

Richard Konzag
David Malpas
Mark Modra
Tanja Morgan
Trent Potter


The RD&E committee aims to:

  • Promote Research, Development & Extension in Agriculture and the value it brings to South Australia.
  • Evaluate efficacy of R, D & E programs conducted in South Australia for all crops.
    • Consider issues and opportunities around intellectual property and levy payers.
    • Look at levy funding of GPA from the GRDC grain levy.
    • Review the National R,D&E frame work.
  • Have oversight of SAGIT and its expenditure.
    • Evaluate the value of funding from SAGIT to SARDI
  • Coordinate with GPA & GGL on GRDC oversight.
    • Evaluate any proposed future structure of GRDC and/or potential future research models
    • Evaluate the GRDC bilateral arrangement between GRDC & SARDI.
  • Support R,D&E into GM and latest technologies.
  • Link with other groups involved in R,D&E e.g. SABAC, AOF, Pulse-Australia

Terms of Reference