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South Australian grain industry leaders have united to form a new working group to launch the Keep Our Grain Clean campaign, highlighting the importance of grain hygiene for continued access to international and domestic markets.

The SA Grain Market Access Group is headed by the Grain Industry Association of South Australia (GIASA), which represents all grain marketing organisations in the state and is supported by:

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  • Primary Industries and Regions SA
  • Viterra, the state’s largest bulk handler
  • Grain Producers SA
  • Grain Growers Ltd
  • South Australian Grain Industry Trust
  • Grains Research and Development Corporation
  • Fodder industry and independent agronomy consultants

The campaign encourages all participants in the grain industry to continue to keep grain clean, ensuring it meets market requirements and is within physical, chemical and biological tolerance limits. 

Safe grain handling

All domestic and export markets for Australian grain have a low to nil tolerance level for chemical residues and contaminants. There is a zero tolerance for the following:

  • fertiliser
  • pickled/treated grain/artificial colouring
  • live stored grain insects
  • any unapproved chemical
  • rodent/snail bait
  • glass and brittle plastic
  • live or dead rodents
  • toxic and corrosive materials

When spraying crops, growers should also adhere to withholding periods, label instructions, application rates and safe operating procedures of the chemical being used. It is critical to only use registered/permitted chemicals on crops and any chemicals applied must be appropriately declared when delivering grain.

Before harvest, growers must clean all equipment and ensure it is ready for use, including headers, augers, chaser bins, on-farm storage, field bins, trailers, delivery trucks and grain handling equipment.

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To download a flyer about what growers can do to keep grain clean, please click here.

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