Field bin safety warning

Grain producers are being warned to take extra precautions when using field bins after a string of incidents in the past causing severe injury to farmers.

In the past six months, SafeWork SA has recorded three major incidents of people being struck by the lifting lever with each incident causing severe head or brain injuries.

A recent survey conducted by Rural Directions found that 99% of the 177 respondents owned bins with a lever lifting mechanisms that required the use of a pin or clip to lock, placing users into the hazardous zone.

Of the surveyed respondents, 56 reported having near-miss incidents involving the lifting mechanism.

“Incidental information tells SafeWork SA that some of these have resulted in fractures to arms, wrists or fingers but have not been reported,” SafeWork SA’s Christopher Spinks says.

“SafeWork SA has been working with manufacturers in SA to review the information provided for bin operation and risk assessments of the mechanism provided. Two major suppliers/manufacturers are reviewing and/or modifying the design of these mechanisms and retro fit components may become available in the new year.

“In March/April 2018, SafeWork SA inspectors propose conducting compliance audits of the farming sector to measure the number of field bins in use, maintenance regimes for the bins and information provided for workers in their operation.”

Download the SafeWork SA field bin safety alert fact sheet


Updated November 2017

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