Resistance Management Strategies 2020

Crucial advice for farmers on resistance management now available online!

CropLife Australia has released its updated Resistance Management
Strategies for fungicides, herbicides and insecticides.

Chief Executive Officer of CropLife Australia, Mr Matthew Cossey, said, “Food crops compete with tens of thousands of weeds, plant-eating insects, viruses, fungi and more – all with the ability to devastate farming operations. Farmers must adopt agricultural practices that control pests, while reducing their environmental impact and limiting resistance issues. Having an integrated pest management system and an effective resistance management strategy for chemical crop protection products is crucial to the long‑term viability and profitability of Australian farming.”

The 2020 Resistance Management Strategies have been reviewed by scientific technical committees in consultation with relevant national and international experts.

This new platform makes resistance management advice freely available to ensure more farms adopt best-practice information.

GPSA encourages growers to access these strategies as a part of their ongoing resistance management and sustainable farming practices.

The 2020 Resistance Management Strategies are available at

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