Work health and safety

In South Australia, one in five workplace deaths occur on farms. It is a scary statistic and highlights the importance of work health and safety.

SafeWork SA and Primary Producers SA commodity groups, including Grain Producers SA, launched the new Farmers’ Guidebook to Work Health and Safety at the Eyre Peninsula Field Days in August 2016.

It is a comprehensive and practical guide to making farms safe workplaces and has been developed to help farmers understand their legal responsibilities as well as provide practical solutions to health and safety issues to help prevent serious or fatal injury on their properties.

It contains easy-to-use proforma templates and policies with references to further resources. The guidebook covers:

  • Setting up a safe workplace
  • Plant and equipment
  • Farm hazards and solutions
  • Industry specific hazards
  • Health and well-being

In addition, SafeWork SA is offering free one-on-one workplace support through its new work health and safety advisory team. Mobile WHS advisers with industry experience and no inspector powers are being made available to producers to they can be comfortable and confident to ask for help.

The guidebook contains a number of tips to improving on-farm WHS, directly from farmers. These have been summarised on GPSA's website.

Contact Grain Producers SA for a printed or USB copy on 1300 734 884.
Contact SafeWork SA to book a free adviser visit 1300 365 255.

SafeWork SA Agriculture Industry Action Plan

In July 2017, SafeWork SA launched its Agriculture Industry Action Plan 2017-19. It outlines 10 key focus areas over the next two years to reduce work injuries across SA.
The key focuses include developing the following: Physical and Mental Health and Wellbeing Program, Safety Leadership and Culture Program, Youth Workers Strategy, and a quad bike safety campaign. SafeWork SA offers free adviser visits by contacting them on 1300 365 255.

Download the action plan

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