Grain stewardship

Minimising spray drift risks

The Code of Practice for Summer Weed Control is designed to provide a standard for the safe and effective application of herbicides for summer weed control and to minimise the risk of off-target damage to grapevines and other susceptible plants from droplet and vapour drift of herbicides.

- View the Code of Practice Summer Weed Control Quick Reference Guide and the Summary Brochure
- View the Reducing Spray Drift and Damage Checklist

Grain residues and contaminants

Growers play a critical role in protecting the reputation of the Australian grain industry by managing the risk of chemical residues. Growers help protect market access through responsible use of chemicals, including adhering to withholding periods, label instructions, application rates and safe operating procedures. All domestic and export markets for Australian grain have a low or no tolerance level for chemical residues and contaminants.

- View the GRDC’s Late Season Herbicide Use Fact Sheet
- View Viterra communication on protecting market access

National Residue Survey

The National Residue Survey (NRS) is part of an Australian Government and industry strategy to minimise chemical residues and environmental contaminants in Australian food products. In doing so, NRS programs support primary producers and commodity marketers by confirming Australia’s status as a producer of ‘clean’ food and facilitating access to key domestic and export markets.

- Latest National Residue Survey Grains information (2018-19)

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