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National Grower Register
  • I agree to become a member of Grain Producers SA Limited, and to be bound by its constitution (a copy will be sent upon request) including any amendments that may be made to it in future;
  • I am an active producer of grain in South Australia;
  • I meet the membership requirements of Grain Producers SA Limited;
  • I have paid levies and/or contributions have been paid on my behalf under the Primary Industry Funding Schemes Act 1998 and/or the Wheat Marketing Act 1989 or any relevant legislation in respect of grain produced and sold by me during the calendar year prior to the year of this application;
  • I am at least 18 years of age;
  • The information I have provided above regarding my personal and business details and other information in this application for membership is true and correct;
  • I consent to the information I have provided to be recorded by Grain Producers SA Limited on the register of Members;
  • I consent and authorise Grain Producers SA Limited to use and disclose all of the information on this application form, and other information I provide Grain Producers SA Limited, to any person or organisation for the purpose of enabling Grain Producers SA Limited to provide services to me or for any other purpose or in any other manner prescribed in the Grain Producers SA Limited Privacy Policy;
  • If all of the requested information is not provided by me, then I acknowledge that Grain Producers SA Limited may not be able to help provide services to me and I may not be eligible to cast a vote or discuss matters at meetings of Grain Producers SA Limited/
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