Grain Producers SA strongly advocated on behalf of producers during the 2018 State Election campaign. GPSA will continue to hold the Marshall Government to its pre-election commitments.

In January 2018, GPSA released its election policy document, titled – Five keys to unlocking increased profitability in the grain industry for the benefit of all South Australians – and sent it to the Australian Conservatives, Liberal SA, SA-Best, South Australian Labor and The Greens SA.

GPSA requested that each party provide a response to our five key points:

1.    Create infrastructure efficiencies for lowest-cost delivery to markets
2.    Increase market access to boost returns to SA’s economy
3.    Invest in plant science research, technologies and biosecurity
4.    Build a stronger workforce with new entrants and skills development for current participants
5.    Balance agriculture with competing land uses

Each party has responded and/or provided copies of their rural and regional policies to GPSA. We have compiled these responses below for members, in alphabetical order of party name.


Australian Conservatives

Response from Australian Conservatives to GPSA's election policy

Australian Conservatives - Investing in Rural and Regional Australia Policy

Liberal South Australia

Response from Liberal SA to GPSA's election policy

Response from Peter Treloar MP to GPSA's GM report - GM Crop Regulations second reading speech

Liberal SA Recharging Our Regions Policy

A Strong Plan for Real Change Policies


Response from SA-Best to GPSA's election policy

SA-Best Agriculture Policy

SA-Best Renewing our Regions Policy

South Australian Labor

Response from SA Labor to GPSA's election policy

Standing up for South Australia Election Policy

The Greens SA

Response from The Greens SA regarding the GM moratorium

The Greens Election Platform - Food and Farming

The Greens Election Platform - Mining

The Greens Election Platform - Unconventional Gas