June 2019 Work Health and Safety Update

Jun 30, 2019

Minimum Wage adjustment

By Chas Cini

The Fair Commission’s Annual National Wage decision has now come into effect, resulting in a 3.0% increase to the Award rates and adjusted allowances under the Pastoral Award 2010.

Growers with an Individual Flexibility Arrangement Agreement should now increase the pay rate by 3.0% in accordance with Clause 7 of the Award.

Growers paying above award rates may choose to pass on or absorb the increase to the award wage increase, but should also ensure that overtime amounts are also correct.

The updated weekly award rates, as well as hourly and casual rates are found in clause 28.1 of the Award. The classification levels that apply to broadacre farms are FLH1,3, and 5

The junior wage discount can be found in clause 28.2 of the Award.

Further information on the applicable allowances can be found from clause 17.1 of the Award.

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