ElectraNet considers EP power supply options

Jul 10, 2017

As Eyre Peninsula grain producers are aware, electricity delivery in the region has been affected by numerous and prolonged power outages. During June, Grain Producers SA attended public forums presented by ElectraNet which is seeking feedback about electricity supply options for Eyre Peninsula. ElectraNet is the owner/operators of SA’s regulated transmission network responsible for making connections and moving high-voltage power over long distances.

ElectraNet is exploring electricity supply options for meeting reliability standards at Port Lincoln most efficiently in the future. They have identified a need to replace significant transmission line components in the next few years, plus the network support arrangement at Port Lincoln is due to expire at the end of 2018. ElectraNet works within a strict regulatory framework for network investment and needs to establish a strong economic case for significant investment, or receive customer funding.
Simultaneously the Essential Services Commission of SA (ESCOSA) are conducting an inquiry into reliability and quality of electricity supply on the Eyre Peninsula.
An important consideration for electricity users on Eyre Peninsula is if the network required for the immediate future is the same as the network required in 10 years. Setting a reliability standard that covers immediate needs but not future needs will be insufficient, as is the case now, and may lead to returning power outages. This issue draws attention to the need for higher standards for suppliers to meet than is the current standard.
ESCOSA are considering prudent and efficient options for improving the reliability and quality of electricity supply on the Eyre Peninsula. Grain producers can consult directly with ESCOSA during the public consultation period before it releases its draft report later this month.

More information:
ElectraNet consultation https://www.electranet.com.au/eyre-peninsulas-electricity-supply-options-released-for-comment
ESCOSA inquiry: http://www.escosa.sa.gov.au/view.aspx?ArticleID=41041

Eyre Peninsula transmission network. Source ElectraNet 30 June 2017


About 120 km of line conductor needs to be replaced in next 5-year regulatory period. Source ElectraNet 30 June 2017

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