Growth, profitability focus for GPSA policy

Jan 19, 2018

Grain Producers SA has today released five keys to unlock increased growth and employment for the South Australian economy from the grain industry as part of its 2018 SA Election policy statement.

The statement outlines a number of specific measures in areas vital to the grain industry’s profitability including logistics and markets, research and development, workforce capacity building and priority land use.

GPSA is seeking all political parties and candidates to commit to:

  1. Create infrastructure efficiencies for lowest-cost delivery to markets
  2. Increase market access to boost returns to SA’s economy
  3. Invest in plant science research, technologies and biosecurity
  4. Build a stronger workforce with new entrants and skills development for current participants
  5. Balance agriculture with competing land uses

Chairman Wade Dabinett said the broader themes of the election campaign debate between the parties to date had centred on delivering jobs and growth to SA, which was exactly what the grain industry offered.

“Last year, the grain industry alone contributed $2.5 billion to the state’s economy and employed nearly 180,000 directly and in the food sector,” he said.

“There is scope to further increase our contribution to the economy if the right environment is created. In our policy statement we have outlined what needs to happen for growth to be delivered and invite all candidates to learn more about our industry and its potential.

“Some of the specific actions required are addressing a shortage of 20-foot containers for grain exports, further investing in biosecurity given the huge benefits for the state, independently reviewing the Mining Act 1971, gaining access to grain stocks information, and making the grain supply chain more efficient.”

Download the full election policy statement, Five keys to unlocking increased profitability in the grain industry for the benefit of all South Australians.

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