GPSA to lead development of grain industry blueprint

Jun 26, 2019

Grain Producers SA will lead the development of a Grain Industry Blueprint following an announcement by Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone yesterday.

The South Australian Government will provide $140,000 in funding for the development of a South Australian Grain Industry Blueprint which will enable long-term planning and inform private and public investment decisions in the state’s grain industry.

GPSA Chair Wade Dabinett said he welcomed the Government’s announcement, which will see the first blueprint developed for SA’s grain sector.

"A Blueprint will allow us as an industry to develop long-term plans in cooperation with the whole value chain and with Government," he said.

"GPSA will be leading and coordinating the development of the Blueprint on behalf of the state’s 4500 grain producers."

A review of the South Australian Government’s International and Interstate Engagement Bodies and Functions recently undertaken by former New Zealand Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce identified agriculture as a key pillar of growth for SA's economy.

"This Blueprint will help the grain industry to assess what we need to do in order to play our part in building our economy and how we can continue to be globally competitive," Mr Dabinett said.

The Blueprint will help to deliver greater investment through public-private partnerships, boost research and development and provide jobs and skills training at all levels.

GPSA CEO Caroline Rhodes said the development of a Grain Industry Blueprint strongly aligns with GPSA’s vision to ensure a profitable and sustainable grain production sector.

"GPSA is hitting the ground running when it comes to the development of a Grain Industry Blueprint," she said.

"We’ve just held a stakeholder scoping workshop today to focus on industry opportunities and growth and we’ll continue to seek industry-driven ideas on where we need to be in 2030.

"Today’s workshop saw more than 70 stakeholders from across the public and private sector converge to share ideas and give feedback on how the Blueprint can drive our industry forward.

"GPSA acknowledges the strong support of the SA Government in providing these funds."

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