GROWING SA 2017 is the inaugural annual conference of South Australia’s grain and livestock industries. It is hosted by Grain Producers SA and Livestock SA and is the first time both organisations have partnered to host their annual meetings.

The conference is an opportunity for primary producers to hear the latest in policy developments, farm business tips and commodity research while networking with each other and industry service providers and policy decision-makers.

Primary production is an engine room for the state’s economy. It is a shining light when other industries face challenges to growth. The grains industry has recently finished an 11.1 million tonne harvest – the state’s largest on record – and beef, sheepmeat and wool prices are at historic highs with production increasing.


In 2017, the conference was held on Friday 11 August and aimed to:

- Provide the latest policy and farm business information to help producers boost productivity and profitability.
- Highlight the state’s broadacre industries as a shining light for innovation, industry growth, and business sustainability.
- Enable producers, industry service providers. stakeholders, politicians and policy-makers from across SA to engage in two-way dialogue regarding policy issues, plus network, at a once-a-year event.

GPSA and Livestock SA will also host their annual general meetings as part of the day.

Program and presenters

GROWING SA 2017 featured an outstanding line-up of speakers presenting farm business, policy and research and development information.

Download the program

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A GROWING SA podcast was produced by AgCommunicators and the Radford Brothers. It is available to listen to online and individual interviews with many of the speakers are also available.

Speakers who had online presentations at the event have made them available below: 

  SESSION 1 - Rob Kerin, Primary Producers SA

  SESSION 1 - Mick Keogh, Australian Farm Institute

  SESSION 1 - Tony Mahar, National Farmers Federation

  SESSION 2 - Grains - Steve Jefferies, GRDC 

  SESSION 2 - Grains - Richard Simonaitis, AEGIC

  SESSION 2 - Grains - Simon Vogt, Rural Directions

  SESSION 3 - Livestock - Richard Norton, Meat & Livestock Australia

  SESSION 3 - Livestock - Ian Ware,  APA Sound

  SESSION 3 - Livestock - Sandy McEachern, Holmes Sackett



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