Grain Producers SA is the peak industry body representing 4,500 grain farms in South Australia.

South Australian growers plant more than 4 million hectares of cereals, pulses and oilseeds annually. The state producers an average of 7.9 million tonnes of grain each year, which contributes upwards of $4 billion to Australia's gross food revenue. This is made possible by grain growing businesses and farming communities across the state. 

GPSA develops and implements policies and projects that promote the economic and environmental sustainability of South Australian grain growing businesses. We represent the interests of growers through:

  • Advocacy. GPSA advocates for SA producers on grains issues beyond the farm gate, represent SA’s 4,500 grain producing businesses to industry and government decision-makers.
  • Information. GPSA informs industry stakeholders of the policies we believe will promote the economic and environmental sustainability of the grains industry.
  • Industry Development. GPSA informs grain producers on matters of importance to their business and champions the contribution we make to the South Australian community by engaging positively with the public.

For SA grain growers, GPSA is your opportunity to influence the policies and projects that impact you and the people who represent you beyond the farm gate.