Grain Producers SA is a company limited by guarantee and is governed by a Constitution.

Grain Producers SA Constitution

Directors believe their transparency and accountability is integral to achieving GPSA’s vision of ‘viable and sustainable grain producers in South Australia’.

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GPSA held a Special General Meeting (SGM) to consider a number of changes to the Constitution on Thursday 30 May 2019.

  For Against Approval
Voting for the proposed changes. 31 2 93.9%


More information on the changes is available here.

Transparency and accountability

All South Australian grain growers are welcome to be members of GPSA. Membership is free for growers who make contributions under the Primary Industry Funding Scheme.

GPSA uses contributions to provide services in the best interests of growers. For transperancy, GPSA has an Audit and Finance Committee which reguarly meets to scrutinise GPSA's financies and ensure it is spending contributions responsibly. The committee is currently chaired by David Malpas.

As a company limited by guarantee, GPSA lodges financial statements and reports annually with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Governance framework

GPSA policy work is funded by grain producers through contributions made under the Primary Industries Funding Scheme. GPSA operates a range of policy and project work on behalf of growers under the plan. The South Australian Minister for Agriculture released the first PIFS Grain Management Plan in 2012, which is reviewed annually. The document provides guidance on how the funds can be spent. GPSA submits a report to the Minister annually regarding progress against its objectives.


The GPSA Board has established by-laws concerning membership and the election process.

Election By-Laws

Membership By-Laws

The Membership By-Laws allow the GPSA Board to determine a fee for Producer Membership. The fee is currently set at $0.