South Australia to lead in trials of tech measuring on-farm emissions

Technology to measure and assist in reducing on-farm emissions for grain producers will be trialled in South Australia in a national first.

The technology, called FLINTpro, allows Australian farmers to evaluate, benchmark and communicate the environmental footprint of their production. For the first time in Australia, FLINTpro for Farms is set to be used by grain producers.

FLINTpro for Farms technology uses a cradle-to-farm-gate approach, measuring not only the greenhouse gas output of on-farm activities, but also the embedded emissions that are found elsewhere in the supply chain – for example in fertilisers, chemicals and diesel.

It also allows farmers to assess their environmental performance against regional benchmark data and to monitor environmental aspects beyond greenhouse gas emissions.

The trial of FLINTpro for Farms in South Australia, under a project called ‘Target Net Zero for Farms’ will aim to create a system for grain producers to confidently and efficiently measure and report farm emissions and will involve 10 farms. Producers will apply the best practices in farm emissions reporting, tailored to their own grain operations.

The joint State Government/Grains Producers SA (GPSA) funded project will be delivered by GPSA through the Mullion Group. On completion of the trial, it will be evaluated for potential to rollout to grain producers more broadly, so they can gather valuable data about their own environmental footprint.

More information about the trial is available at and further details will be released about how South Australian grain producers can express interest in being involved.

Comment attributable to Clare Scriven

For producers to reduce their carbon emissions, they must know what their carbon footprint is. The trial of this technology right here in South Australia, using 10 of our grain producers, will help find a credible, reliable solution to understanding a farm’s environment footprint applicable to South Australian conditions.

Comment attributable to CEO Grain Producers SA, Brad Perry

Grain Producers SA is pleased to lead this trial, with the support of the Government of South Australia, to help deliver a solution for local farmers to understand their emissions.

In doing so, it is hoped we will be able to find a viable method for grain producers more broadly to learn about their environmental footprint, and then take steps to minimise it without impacting profitability.