Road safety reminder as harvest starts early

Motorists are being reminded to be aware of an increase in heavy vehicle movements on the road as the grain harvest begins earlier than expected.

Grain Producers SA (GPSA) is reminding motorists to be aware of the thousands of additional heavy vehicles on the road for the rest of 2023 as the grain harvest gets into full swing.

GPSA Chief Executive Officer Brad Perry said there will be a significant increase in truck movements carting grain in the coming months.

“Motorists will start to notice extra heavy vehicles on country roads as harvest ramps up and it’s important that people remain patient and exercise caution when interacting with trucks,” he said.

“Harvest truck movements are likely to still be going into December, which is already busy on the road due to the festive holidays, and we want to remind everyone that safety must be paramount.

“It’s important to plan your trips ahead, drive to the conditions and ensure it is completely safe before overtaking trucks and large agricultural vehicles.

“For heavy vehicle operators, this is also a timely reminder to make sure heavy vehicles are correctly registered or permitted and are properly checked before use.

“For the grain producers and carriers, it’s important to have a safe access point at paddock entry or loading for heavy vehicle accessibility and safety in all weather conditions.

“Whether it’s a farm-owned heavy vehicle or grain producers using contractors to cart grain, the message from us is clear: take your time to ensure you’ve considered any risks and put appropriate steps in place to make your harvest operations safe.”

South Australian Police remind motorists to:

  • Only over take when it is clearly safe to do
  • Do not attempt to pass a heavy vehicle which is engaging in a turn (left or right) or approaching a roundabout
  • Be aware of the blind spots (if you cannot see their mirrors they cannot see you)
  • When overtaking with a caravan or other long vehicle in tow be aware of the windrush and suction effects of the turbulent air created by the heavy vehicle.
  • Plan your journey, allowing additional time to arrive at your destination

Grain Producers SA is the peak industry body representing the 4,500 grain farming businesses in South Australia.