Policy Development

GPSA develops and implements policies that ensure a profitable and sustainable grain industry in South Australia.


GPSA works to communicate this to all levels of government – local, state and federal – and is in regular contact with marketers, exporters, storage and handlers, researchers and farm input suppliers on behalf of growers.

Growers are encouraged to have input on the organisation’s policies by contacting a board member or attending any of the forums which GPSA hosts and putting forward their view. GPSA staff attend a host of industry meetings throughout the year too and are available to discuss issues with growers by contacting the office on 1300 734 884 (for the cost of a local call).

Policy Forums

GPSA has several advisory groups whose purpose is to focus on priority policy areas. Each group is led by a GPSA director and includes growers and may include industry stakeholders who work together on issues and, at times, provide recommendations to the GPSA Board.

The formal structure of GPSA’s advisory groups was reviewed in the 2018 calendar year, following the adoption of a new Strategic Plan to ensure the advisory structure remains relevant and inclusive.

Research, Development & Extension Committee

GPSA’s sole permanent sub-committee is the Grains Research, Development & Extension (RD&E) Committee.

The purpose of the RD&E Committee is to assist the Board by assessing, conducting oversight and providing recommendations to the Board in relation to:

  1. The implementation of the South Australian Grain Industry Blueprint and its projects relating to R&D matters.
  2. Supporting research priority setting and the promotion of RD&E in South Australian grain production.
  3. Advocacy for producers on RD&E issues in farm chemicals, stewardship, and crop protection products; sustainability; variety classification; and access to technology.
  4. The operation and outcome of grains RD&E programs conducted in South Australia and designed to benefit SA grain growers.
  5. The national implementation of the 2018-2023 Strategic RD&E Plan of the Grains Research and Development Corporation, and the coordination of industry good services by Grains Australia.
  6. Biosecurity matters relevant to South Australia’s grains industry.
  7. Ensuring South Australian grain producers have continued access to the tools required to farm, including industry codes of practice to manage farm practices.


The RD&E Committee provides a direct link on matters of a technical nature between GPSA, Grain Producers Australia (GPA) and other representative bodies with the South Australian Grain Industry Trust (‘SAGIT’), other research agencies and organisations, and federal regulators on matter relating to grains RD&E conducted in SA or designed to benefit SA grain growers.

As at 11 February 2021, the membership was comprised of:

Chair: Nick Hillier

Tanja Morgan
David Malpas
Mark Modra
Penny Schulz
Craig Davis
Mark Schilling
Natalie Sommerville
Steve Ball




Terms of Reference

Policy Taskforces

Policy taskforces are established by the GPSA Board to inform GPSA’s policy development on single issues, largely in response to the evolving legislative priorities of the Parliament and broader government agenda. 

Taskforces enable a broad range of views and expertise to be sourced in the development of policy to support GPSA’s work program. They also provides an opportunity for industry-wide participation in projects supported by the Grain Industry Fund.

The GPSA Board has established taskforces to investigate the following topics:

  • Mining on Agricultural Land (joint industry taskforce with PPSA and Livestock SA)*
  • Sustainability 
  • Rural Mental Health & Wellbeing 
  • CFS Powers of Direction and the Grain Harvesting Code of Conduct
  • New legislation for South Australia’s Biosecurity*