New campaign to ensure SA grain is ‘Market Ready’

Nov 19, 2020

Supporting South Australian growers to ensure they maintain high standards of grain hygiene is the focus of a new campaign launched by Grain Producers SA today.

The new Market Ready campaign continues the work initiated by the South Australian Grain Market Access Group in 2016 which encouraged all participants in the grain industry to continue to keep SA grain clean, ensuring all grain meets market requirements and is within physical, chemical and biological tolerance limits.

GPSA CEO Caroline Rhodes said while the intent of the original campaign remains the same, the new iteration has the additional aim of promoting the Industry Management Plans (IMPs), currently housed within the Grains Industry Market Access Forum (GIMAF).

There are IMPs connected to protocols agreed between Australia and China for wheat and barley, and for barley to South Korea.

“Growers see market requirements translated to them through the receival standards applied to their grain deliveries by exporters, however some of the drivers of those receival standards are the checkpoint mechanisms outlined in the IMPs for when grain moves from farm to customer,” she said.

“Growers are the first checkpoint for grain entering the export supply chain and therefore ensuring it meets high standards of hygiene.”

GIMAF executive manager Tony Russell said GIMAF strongly endorses the efforts of GPSA to promote the alignment of quarantine and food safety expectations of grain importing customers with growers’ endeavours to meet and exceed these requirements.

“One part of the picture is the IMPs and by being aware of them, growers gain greater understanding of where elements are coming from that drive on-farm strategies,” Mr Russell said.

Ms Rhodes said this new campaign strongly aligns with the Biosecurity and Market Access Pillar of the South Australian Grain Industry Blueprint launched earlier this year.

“One of the priorities identified under that pillar was for SA grain to have access to the world’s best markets through maintaining high standards of grain hygiene, food safety and product quality,” she said.

“With Market Ready, we want to increase grower engagement and knowledge regarding market requirements, standards, quality assurance and compliance practices.”

A key feature of Market Ready, supported by the Federal Government through the Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation Program, will be grower workshops held across SA in early 2021.

These workshops will provide a practical overview of the IMPs and tips on how aspects of the plan can be implemented on-farm and along the supply chain. They will be held in conjunction with grain marketing workshops which will give growers insights into the wide array of factors that influence how grain is traded.

“International grain markets can be volatile, so it is important that SA’s grain industry continues to uphold high standards of grain hygiene so we can protect our market access,” Ms Rhodes said.

“Everyone in the grain supply chain has a role to play in protecting our valuable markets.

“Australia, and in particular South Australia, has a reputation as an exporter of quality grain and growers play a fundamental role in protecting that reputation.”

Further information and resources are available on the Grain Producers SA website.

Market Ready is an initiative of the South Australian Grain Market Access Group. It is delivered by Grain Producers SA with the support of the Federal Government’s Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation Program.


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