GPSA’s new spray campaign: Keep Your Droplets to Yourself

With harvest in full flight across South Australia and summer spraying getting underway in many regions, Grain Producers SA (GPSA) is reminding producers of the importance of safe summer spraying practises to avoid the damaging consequences of spray drift.

GPSA has today launched a new campaign titled ‘Keep Your Droplets to Yourself’ aimed at speaking directly to grain producers about the importance of responsible spray application.

GPSA Chief Executive Officer Brad Perry said it is critical that grain producers are displaying strong chemical stewardship and understanding how to spray safely to avoid drift.

“GPSA has previously run the ‘Hit Your Target’ approach and we’ve built on and strengthened it for the ‘Keep Your Droplets to Yourself’ campaign,” said Mr Perry.

“Most grain producers in South Australia do the right thing when it comes to spraying, however we need the industry to be fully adherent.

“The new campaign is the first step in the grain industry in South Australia providing a new offensive on spray drift to ensure as a sector, we are doing the right thing.

“The use of pesticides has had, and continues to have, a very positive impact on sustainable global food production and not just to agricultural production but to the protection and restoration of our natural environment and human health.

“But to maintain the use of these important chemicals, we all need to ensure we are doing the right thing when we spray.

“Producers need to understand how to spot hazardous temperature inversions, choose the right nozzle size and what speed they should be spraying at. If they’re not certain, they shouldn’t be spraying and should instead be on the phone to their local agronomist.”

As part of the campaign, GPSA has worked with key industry stakeholders and experts to produce a fact sheet that includes 11 tips grain producers need to be aware of when planning their spraying. These include monitoring weather, avoiding spraying in hazardous temperature inversions, using correct droplet size, leaving buffers, avoiding high spray speed, recording, reporting and more.

Grain Producers SA is the peak industry body representing the 4,500 grain farming businesses in South Australia.