GPSA to hold webinar on impending 3G switch-off

A webinar exploring the opportunities and challenges of the impending 3G switch-off is being held by Grain Producers SA (GPSA) next month.

Speakers for the 15 February webinar will include the Regional Tech Hub, Telstra and grain producers, discussing what the 3G switch-off will mean for growers and what changes may need to be made on-farm.

GPSA Chief Executive Officer Brad Perry said South Australian grain producers still have many questions about the 3G switch-off.

“Reliable connectivity on-farm is critical for grain producers and there is still much uncertainty about what exactly the 3G switch-off will mean,” he said.

“Therefore, we thought it was important for GPSA to hold a webinar and give the opportunity for grain producers to ask any burning questions, particularly of major telecommunications company Telstra who have significant regional coverage in broadacre cropping areas.

“We believe that many grain producers may not understand the extent of the old 3G-only technology being used on-farm that will need to be replaced.

“GPSA has been continually communicating with Telstra and other telecommunications companies, providing feedback from grain producers on their phone and internet coverage. We also presented to a Federal Government Parliamentary Inquiry on connectivity, where the 3G switch-off was raised amongst other important issues.”

Telstra, who will present at the webinar, has been doing drive surveys of South Australia with technicians assessing 4G and 3G signal, one of which Mr Perry joined on the Yorke Peninsula.

Vodafone has already shut down its 3G services in December last year, while Telstra is scheduled to shut down its 3G network on 30 June 2024 and Optus will do the same in September 2024.

GPSA’s 3G Switch-off Webinar will be taking place from 10am – 11:30am on 15 February 2024. To take part in the webinar, please register by visiting: