Mining Act review

The Marshall Government has introduced amendments to the Mining Act 1971 to begin consultation on improving mining regulation in South Australia.  This topic has been a major policy focus for GPSA over past years, reflecting the concerns of our membership base.  

A major review of SA’s mining legislation was commissioned by the previous State Government in 2016 which resulted in the Statutes Amendment (Leading Practice in Mining) Bill 2017. This Bill proposed amendments to the Mining Act 1971, amongst others, but lapsed due to the timing of the 2018 South Australian election.

In its 2018 election policy statement, GPSA identified the need to balance agriculture with competing land uses. This statement was released to all major parties for response. In the document, GPSA also lobbied for an independent review of the Mining Act.   

Together with other peak bodies, the farm sector has called for a dedicated, government- funded resource to be situated in Primary Producers SA to help farmers access information on their rights when faced with a mining company wanting to explore on their property.  

In Opposition, the State Liberals committed to thorough and meaningful consultation with primary industry as part of the legislative process, and support for the Small Business Commissioner to administer a Code of Conduct and dispute resolution service.

The Statutes Amendment (Mineral Resources) Bill 2018 was introduced into Parliament on 2 August, however many issues remain unresolved for agriculture and further consultation is urgently required.  We welcome the Minister’s commitment to identify improvements. 

GPSA will now be seeking amendments to strengthen the rights of land holders and address the imbalance which has been carried forward from the previous Bill, which lapsed in the last Parliament.   

GPSA will continue to engage with the government and key stakeholders on the Mining Act while seeking improved clarity and outcomes for growers, when dealing with explorers or miners on their properties.

Further information and a guide to the current Bill is available here

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