India fumigation protocol changes for malting barley

India malting barley market opportunity 

10th February 2020

Information provided by GPA GIMAF

Last week India issued a notification to the World Trade Organisation Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures of a change in the import conditions applying to Australian malting barley. Specifically, the new conditions will allow phosphine fumigation at a rate within Australia’s label usage rates, as an alternative fumigant to methyl bromide.

Grain Producers Australia Chairman Mr Andrew Weidemann said, “The proposed changes are a great opportunity for the Australian malting barley industry, allowing us to look at extending the number of markets for our barley.”

GIMAF Executive Manager Tony Russell said, “The Indian market offers new export opportunities for Australian malting barley and reduces our dependence on the Chinese market in particular.”

While the specifics of when the market will be open for grain trading are yet to be confirmed, it is likely to be available for the upcoming season.

The changes are the result of multiple years of effort by the Federal Department of Agriculture and industry, however particular appreciation is reserved for Australia’s Agricultural Counsellor based in Delhi who has worked tirelessly to achieve this outcome. AEGIC’s work in developing an understanding of the Indian malting industry and promoting Australian malting barley is recognised also.

More details on the phytosanitary measures are available on the World Trade Organisation website.

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