Member Application

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National Grower Register
  • I wish to apply to be admitted as a member of Grain Producers SA Limited and confirm that I will be bound by the constitution of the company;
  • I am an active producer of grain in South Australia;
  • I am able to meet the membership requirements of Grain Producers SA Limited;
  • I have paid levies and/or contributions (or levies and/or contributions have been paid on my behalf) under the Wheat Marketing Act 1989 and/or the Primary Industry Funding Scheme Act 1998 or other government legislation which is in force from time to time;
  • I am at least 18 years of age;
  • The information I have provided above regarding my personal and business details is true and correct;
  • I consent to the information I have provided to be recorded by Grain Producers SA Limited on the register on Members;
  • I consent and authorise Grain Producers SA Limited to use and disclose all of the information on this application form and other information I provide Grain Producers SA Limited to any person or organisation for the purpose of enabling Grain Producers SA Limited to provide services to me;
  • If all of the requested information is not provided by me, then I acknowledge that Grain Producers SA Limited may not be able to provide services to me and I may not be eligible to cast a vote or discuss matters at meetings of the company.
Terms & Conditions